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Music Production


Whatever your music recording needs, Wire Road Studios has the appropriate solution – Studio A with its spacious live tracking room, 17-foot ceilings, large isolation booths and huge control room; Studio B with its more intimate environment and supportive vocal booth; Studio D with its large array of analog & digital synthesizers, virtual instrumentation and economical ergonomics. All the studios cross-reference each other with recording platforms and monitoring, allowing you to mix and match rooms to yield the best economy for your recording project. The facility is filled throughout with generous spaces, wonderful aesthetics and a variety of natural acoustic atmospheres, even in the hallways and ancillary rooms. To complement these acoustic environments, there’s  an extensive microphone collection from AEA, AKA, Audix, Beyerdynamic, Blue, Bock, Brauner, Earthworks, Lawson, Neumann, Schoeps, sE Electronics, Sennheiser and Shure.


World-Class Mixing:

With the advent of home studios and a track-wherever-you-want recording environment, it’s important to have a Mix Facility you can trust to give your project the professional sound necessary to compete in the marketplace. From an extremely fast and flexible mixing console to whatever plugin or outboard effects processing you desire, Wire Road brings you the best in mixing environments! With monitors from ATC, Equator, Focal, and DynAudio, you are assured that your mixes will cross-reference to everything from your car stereo to streaming mp3’s on the internet. Your mix requirements and budget will determine whether Studio A, Studio B or Studio D is the right mix room for you. All include quality outboard gear with extensive plug-in libraries and allow our engineers to achieve the best results for your project.


World-Class Mastering:

Mastering is both science and art. The SCIENCE begins with the right equipment to allow a variety of analog & digital “chains” to be implemented to bring out the best in your final mixes. The world class gear that defines Wire Road Studios mastering services includes PMC IB2S Mid-field monitors powered by Bryston 7B SST monoblock amplifiers and Compressor/Limiter/Equalizers from Weiss, Manley, Shadow Hills, DW Fearn and iZotope with conversion systems from Crane Song. The ART requires an experienced mastering engineer to contribute a final “perspective” to your project. That contribution requires creative insight to the particular “aesthetic” the client wants to achieve, sensitivity to a full-range of musical genres and knowledge of “industry standards” for commercial music releases.  James Kelley is the “artist” behind Wire Road Studios mastering work! His client list on the Staff Page is a testimony to the depth of his experience, knowledge and work.


Audio Production

We put a whole new spin on Audio Production: 

From straight-forward voiceover recording and radio spot production to the latest in audio technologies for Mobile Media, Wire Road literally creates and mixes sound for all aspects of today’s modern media market.


Voiceover recording starts with a wealth of great microphones, preamps & compressors to yield effective results ranging from the nostalgic sounds of “radio theatre” to current standards in-use by modern film, radio & TV facilities. Combine those assets with the ability to connect from talent-to-studio, studio-to-studio or studio-to-producer via ISDN, EDNet, Source Connect, Skype or phone patch and your voiceover needs are covered. The large “live room” soundstage makes Wire Road Studios a perfect choice for Dialogue Replacement (ADR / Looping) services for Film and TV production.


Audio-for-Video post-production services include Mixing Services for TV, Film and Web Video, be it advertising, industrial training or programming-based, Sound Design for film-style soundtrack backgrounds and ambiances as well as Music Scoring with either leased Library Music or Original Music themes. 


Audio Enhancement services involve the process of cleaning-up “problem” sound files. Whether due to interference from buzzes, clicks, pops, or hums, distortion from an overdriven recording device or poor microphone placement in an over-reverberant location, the staff at Wire Road can minimize these “problems” with the latest in noise-reduction software and experienced sound technicians.


The Audio-for-Mobile Media services cover emerging sound usages in everything from Museum Exhibit audio “stops”, audio for mobile device apps to effective phone on-hold messaging for clear, crisp delivery over cell phones, media players, tablets and other mobile media devices.


Creative Services

Sound Design:  

From grandiose film-style soundtracks to specific environments, Wire Road can place sound in any appropriate location you can imagine. From the canals of Venice to the inside of a mining tunnel, Wire Road Studios’ sound engineering wizards can take you there.


Original Music:  

From sweet & simple to complex & sophisticated, Wire Road Studios can create, produce and synchronize any style composition for your live presentation, video training, promotions, advertising or movie soundtrack needs. Each “work” is custom-priced based upon the scope of your project.


Audio Logos/Musical Themes:  

These short sound or musical vignettes focus an aural impression on a visual subject, most popularized by the “bongs” that accompany the NBC logo. Wire Road can establish a sound identity for your company logo or set a theme or mood for sound files in every media from Museum Exhibit “stops” to e-Learning modules, making the visual experience more memorable through the creative use of sound and music.


Creative services are quoted “job-specific” and are often more affordable than you may think! Wire Road will be pleased to discuss your specific needs and objectives and furnish demos with references upon request.

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