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Mike Tristan – Recording Engineer/Producer



Mike Tristan is the “mad-professor” of Wire Road Studios, equally well-versed in engineering/production techniques, electronics, graphic design, MIDI programming and analog synthesis as well as being a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboards, violin, dulcimer, mandolin, harmonica & theremin). A Houston Community College professor of Audio & Recording Technology and an associate member of The Recording Academy P&E Wing, Wire Road foiled his plans of escape to Nashville by providing greener creative pastures. After all, his outside-of-work activities include membership in The Texas Army: Historical Honor Guard of The State of Texas and volunteering at George Ranch Historical Park, San Jacinto Monument, & Goliad State Park.
Client list of engineering, programming, live and album art credits include:
Pat Green, Derek Webb, Paul English, Joe LoCascio, Hazy Ray, Tianna Hall, Matt Harlan, Woody Witt, The Mighty Orq, Rad, Mike Skills, Truckers Choice, Misha Williams, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Star Furniture & Pappas Restaurants.

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