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Grand Piano: Wire Road Studios’ piano is a Steinway B, 7-foot Grand. This hand-picked instrument produces quality tonal characteristics with an easy and responsive action. Wire Road selected the Steinway for its broad tonal range and responsive touch. The Steinway produces a sweet, singing and full-bodied sustaining tone. Wire Road maintains the action, regulation and voicing through a maintenance program with the Forshey Piano Company and has the instrument tuned at regular intervals. The piano is maintained in a climate-controlled environment. Nevertheless, we suggest that clients personally inspect the piano’s state of tune no less than 24-hours prior to their session.


Drums: Our studio drum set is composed of a 6-piece Mapex Saturn Series drum kit with Zildjian K Custom cymbals. The Saturn Series is a favorite among professional players. With its wide tuning range and its rich, powerful bottom end, the drums perform well in the studio. The kit is composed of a 22×18 bass drum, 10×8 tom, 12X9 tom, 14X14 floor tom, 16×16 floor tom and a 14X5.5 snare. The Zildjian K Custom cymbal set includes a 20” Medium Ride, 18″ Crash, 16” Crash and 14” Hi-hats. Fresh drum heads are important to obtaining a quality drum sound and we highly-recommend that you have us purchase the heads of your choice and specification prior to your session for optimum studio quality during the recording. The daily rental fee for the drum set is $40 and the cost to re-head, if requested.



Guitar Amplifiers: ($20/day rental)

Line 6 Spider Valve MKII Amp Head and 4X12” Cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30′s
Ampeg B-15n Portaflex Vintage 1969 fliptop bass amp w/ 1-15”
Orange Tiny Terror Head w/ 1-12” Celestion Alnico Blue in open-back cabinet
Peavey Classic 50/410 50-watts X 4-10” speakers
Reverend Hellhound 40/60 1-12” Celestion Vintage 30 in open-back cabinet
Leslie 147 w/ HAMPTONe tube pre-amp
Ultrasound Pro-100 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


Hammond A-102 Organ has the same features as a B-3, but in a beautiful cherry console ($30/day rental)


Other rentals & vintage instruments are available upon request through Starline Music. Also see the Studio D equipment list for other keyboard rentals.

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