Wire Road Studios enlisted the services of the world-renowned Russ Berger Design Group to create a recording studio facility that would set a new standard for the Houston area recording industry and be aligned with best studios across the globe. Stocked with the highest quality professional equipment and designed to exceed the needs of the most demanding clients, Wire Road Studios is fully committed to serving the Houston Community of musical artists, independent music producers & engineers, media agencies, video & film producers, management firms, patrons of the arts and others seeking the highest quality in their audio production. Our rates are designed to be cost-effective for the widest range of sound situations – There simply is no better value available for a studio of this caliber!

Pricing for music and audio production involves many variables. Simply calculating your cost based on a “rate schedule” can be misleading as it does not clearly represent the advantages of working at Wire Road Studios, such as access to our expert staff for pre-production and cost-saving planning, the efficiencies and amenities built-in to our facilities, and use of the appropriate or optional equipment for your project.  We invite you to call and discuss your project to get a better understanding of your project cost.  Also, contact us to discuss bulk-rate possibilities and scenarios.

BULK RECORDING RATES: A “Block Rate” is defined as a committed reservation of a fixed amount of time with in a day (or series of days) in one or all of our studios. A “Lockout Rate” is defined as a committed reservation of a fixed “24-hours-a-day” period of time for a particular studio or the entire facility (excluding the administrative offices and the video editing room on the second floor of the building).  No other work will be allowed to take place in the reserved area that shall in any way interfere with the client’s session.

OTHER “LOCKOUT” PROVISIONS/CONSIDERATIONS: From the commencement of any session during the reserved period, all equipment and instruments settings and positioning can be left exactly as they are without disruption or changes.  Valuables can be placed under lock and key without the need for the client to remove these valuables from the booked studio or facility each night.  The upstairs management offices and video editing room have a separate entrance and can be secured separately from the remainder of the facility. To reserve the studio and/or facility for a lockout session, the client must reserve and commit to multiple consecutive days.  Lockouts are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and the rate for service will be agreed to at the time the session is confirmed with a payment of deposit.

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