General Polices

Drug and Alcohol:  Illegal drugs are not allowed on Wire Road Studios premises. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during recording sessions or normal business hours. However, management, at its sole discretion, may on certain occasions, such as “open houses” or project “wrap” parties, allow alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Smoking: Smoking indoors is expressly prohibited. Smoking is permitted on the outdoor premises including the outdoor patio. Clients are requested to take appropriate safety precautions.

Food and Drink: No food or drink is allowed on or near any of the instruments including, but not limited to, the piano, recording consoles and equipment racks. In the main control room, no food or drink is permitted beyond the producer’s desk. Drinks in the Live Room or isolation Booths are allowed but must be in screw-top bottles with the top engaged when not being consumed.

Damages and Liability: Normal wear and tear to the premises and equipment associated with a session is not the responsibility of the client. However, any damage associated with misuse of the studio, failure to follow the rules and policies of the studio, any accidental breakage, or liquid spills that cause substantial damage by a client or client’s visitors, is the financial responsibility of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that anyone participating in the project as a musician or visitor is aware of their obligation to maintain care around the studio equipment and facility.

Storage of Recordings & Digital Data: The client assumes all risks associated with storing recordings or digital data, on or off the premises, as well as the use of, any and all sound recordings or digital data in any stored format, and Wire Road Studios shall be held harmless for damage to any stored medium for any reason. While not required, Wire Road Studios recommends that the client bring a hard drive or appropriate storage medium to be used to backup all sessions.

Collection Expense: Clients are obligated pay all legal expenses, collection agency fees or other cost associated with the collection of fees due for services booked and/or rendered, and materials purchased by Wire Road Studios on the client’s behalf.

Changes in Rates, Polices and Equipment: Rates, policies and equipment may change without notice unless covered by a prior agreement for service.  Electronic equipment fails from time to time and while Wire Road Studios maintains all their equipment to the highest standards the studio cannot be held liable for the failure of electronic equipment in the course of their work.

General Conduct:  Wire Road Studios endeavors to make your production’s recording and mixing a creative, pleasurable and satisfying experience.  We demand of our staff and employees the utmost in professional attitude and the highest standards of service related to the work we perform for our clients.  In turn, we expect our clients to demonstrate reasonable and appropriate behavior and to show proper respect for our staff and other guests while conducting business in our facility.  We reserve the right to disengage business activities under the common-sense laws of local, county, state and federal regulations.  Should any situation arise that causes disruption of our goal to provide you with the highest level of professional service, please report the incident immediately to the Studio Manager or a Wire Road Studios’ executive.

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