Creative Services

Original Music:  From sweet & simple to complex & sophisticated, Wire Road Studios can create, produce and synchronize any style composition for your live presentation, video training, promotions, advertising or movie soundtrack needs. Each “work” is custom-priced based upon the scope of your project.

Audio Logos/Musical Themes:  These short sound or musical vignettes focus an aural impression on a visual subject, most popularized by the “bongs” that accompany the NBC logo. Wire Road can establish a sound identity for your company logo or set a theme or mood for sound files in every media from Museum Exhibit “stops” to e-Learning modules, making the visual experience more memorable through the creative use of sound and music.

Sound Design:  From grandiose film-style soundtracks to specific environments, Wire Road can place sound in any appropriate location you can imagine. From the canals of Venice to the inside of a mining tunnel, Wire Road Studios’ sound engineering wizards can take you there.

Creative services are quoted “job-specific” and are often more affordable than you may think! Wire Road will be pleased to discuss your specific needs and objectives and furnish demos with references upon request.

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