For general inquires please contact us at 713-636-9772 or Contact Inquiries

To schedule a booking you may contact us at 713-636-9772 or Contact Scheduling

1- Call or email us to discuss your needs and timing. A tour of the facility can also be arranged.
2- We’ll send you a Studio Work Order (SWO) reflecting the details and terms agreed to.
3- You will execute the Studio Work Order and return it to us along with your deposit by cash, check  or credit card. After payment is validated we’ll book your session. (Note: If your check does not clear 72 hours prior to the scheduled session date, your session will automatically be canceled.)
4- You will be contacted by Wire Road Studios to set up a pre-production planning session. The planning session can be either by phone or in person at Wire Road Studios. (See “Managing Your Session For Best Results” below.)

We have a passion for music & audio production and understand that you do too! We’ll make sure your session is pleasant and focused on creating the best product possible. But remember, this is about managing your costs as well as your musical success. Below are few suggestions on how to get the most productivity out of your session.

A.  Be punctual and assure that all other participants are punctual! Charges for service start at your scheduled appointment time.
B.  Limit visitors to those who are actually involved in the process. Unnecessary friends and relatives often become distractions for both the musician and the engineer.
C.  Be ready to articulate your thoughts. We need your feedback on how you want your instruments and final product to sound.
D.  Rehearse well before your session. Be sure anyone associated with your project is well prepared in advance.
E.  You can and should unload any instruments in advance of the session starting time. Instruments need time to adjust to both temperature and humidity, especially with the variations we have in Houston.  Wire Road Studios has storage space available specifically for this purpose. If the studio is not booked ahead of you and the studio management feels it can be done without interruption of other studio activities, you may also set up your equipment before the session without an additional studio charge. Please note: Any work involving an engineer, including microphone/stand setup, building of session templates, patching or general setup is billed at the engineer rate on a per-hour basis.